The kid gloves wore through

It seems Najib is showing his true colours.

The PM has strong connections with the police and security apparatus in this country, a fact that made me very uncomfortable when he ascended to the Premiership. Lately the MACC started cracking down on Opposition MPs, alleging corruption (probably to distract from the Port Klang Free trade Zone (PKFZ) scandal implicating the ruling party’s own honchos), and now this, an Opposition MP’s political secretary found dead on a neaby roof of MACC HQ after being questioned into the wee hours of the morning. One can at the very least accuse them of false imprisonment.

The unfortunate fact is, as long as the party pres takes an aggressive stance on the Opposition, the fractious underlings will sit up and unite behind him, and sadly most of the older generation people too… they like an aggressive incumbent. My parents being two of them. To fend off the PKFZ scandal, the Najib went on the attack and had the MACC round up not the goons of PKFZ but the oppositions making vague accusations. And the older folks love them for it.



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