Apparently four students and one doctor have got the swine flu here in the UPM campus. The undergrads have have their classes cancelled 4th August, while the postgrads… depends on their supervisor… mine insists we come to the lab! Bwahahaha! Is he not evil?

The public buses are packed with students heading to the bus station to go back to their home towns. A bit daft, I think, since it negates the purpose of closing the campus.

One of the group members has been coughing for the past week. He won’t see a doctor, which is just annoying, because it’s disrupting my train of thought while I’m trying to code this really convoluted loop in my simulation… and only recently did it occur to me that maybe… OINK!

It’s a bright blue day today. It rains from time to time, so it’s not exactly a drought right now. Though I seem to recall that last year, it would be regularly rain heavily at this time of year? They say that it is El Nino. But it’s so far not as bad as 1998. And the Indonesians are either being more careful with their forest/agricultural burnings this year, or the intermittent rains have been sufficient to keep the fires under control; so while there is a bit of haze now and again, it’s not as bad as might have been.

What else… it seems I cannot skip dinner just to lose weight, it makes it very hard to get out of bed the following morning. What else is left? I’ll have to make time to exercise more….


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