Thus far there have been eight deaths from H1N1 flu in this country.

The haze is back, and I really don’t know if people cough because of the awful air, or because of the flu.

I was listening to the Indonesian song “Si Jali-jali”, a favourite from the time when I first heard it as a boy. But now that I’m older, I suddenly realize the song is full of sexual innuendo! Funny how I didn’t notice it before:

ini dia si jali-jali
lagunya enak lagunya enak merdu sekali
capek sedikit tidak perduli sayang
asalkan tuan asalkan tuan senang di hati

palinglah enak si mangga udang
hei sayang disayang pohonnya tinggi pohonnya tinggi buahnya jarang
palinglah enak si orang bujang sayang
kemana pergi kemana pergi tiada yang m’larang

disana gunung disini gunung
hei sayang disayang ditengah tengah ditengah tengah kembang melati
disana bingung disini bingung sayang
samalah sama samalah sama menaruh hati

jalilah jali dari cikini sayang
jali-jali dari cikini jalilah jali sampai disini

This is the “jali-jali” plant
The song is pleasant and sweet
A little tired, no matter, my love
as long as you’re pleased at heart

The prawn-mango is most tasty
but pity, the tree is tall but so few dangling fruits
The bachelor is happiest
everywhere he goes, no one forbids

There a mountain, here a mountain
Hei, my love, a jasmine in the middle blooms!
You’re bewitched, I’m bewitched
Together we give hearts

The jali-jali song from cikini, my love
jali-jali from cikini ends here.


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