Well… I went for a checkup today in the afternoon. I said to the doctor I had been feeling exhausted for some time. Interesting line of questions followed: do you have diabetes?

I said I don’t know.

Getting up at night to go to the toilet?


The doc didn’t quite know what was wrong. Maybe that ruled out diabetes? She asked me if I drank coffee.

Well, what student doesn’t? Yes, in spades.

Muscle aches and pains?


She prescribed some tonifying multivitamins (Revcon Forte) and told me to lay off the coffee and tea. If I don’t improve in a few weeks, come back and see her. Maybe I’ll need a thorough checkup but I’ll have to pay.


Mum called and she wants me home this weekend to look after Dad, while she gets her eye (perforated retina?) fixed, and maybe fix the cataract in  that eye as well. I think I felt slumped, but I agreed.

Anyway, I saved the best for last. There was a workshop about wavelets theory and application. The first two speakers Dr Ravshan and Dr Rakhimov were Uzbeks. Or were they Kyrghyz? The first speaker laid thickly the mathematics. I don’t think anyone of us got more than 25% of what he said. Then some history of wavelets by the second speaker, who admitted that Russian scientists had been pretty slow with the field of wavelets, which began formally in France in the 1980s. What’s fascinating is the cross-fertilization between industry and acadameia in France. The proto-wavelets were devised by a petroleum prospector named Morlet, to help analyze seismic signals. He brought it to a French Uni, and a small team of 3-4 people there kicked it off.

Can’t imagine it happening here for a while yet.


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