Dropbox test

Ever since Google vanished my Google Account (blogger and picasaweb
albums go POOF!) I’ve been trying to find alternatives. DropBox seems
nice, if a tad limited (Only 2 GBytes free storage). But it does have a
public link option, which I may use to post photos.


2 thoughts on “Dropbox test

  1. I like the Jack as well. It was built in such small numbers, but I think it’s worth mentioning.

    At least one Allied pilot tested the Jack and said it was the best Jap fighter he flew!
    It did better than the Ki 100 in head-on attacks against B-29s, reportedly.
    The USN puts it at the top of the list in losses per kill vs other Japanese Army and Navy fighters for the last 12 months of WW 2!

    The Ki 100 and N1K2-J may be equivalent but likewise in only small numbers.
    The more numerous Frank was too sluggish at the controls by Japanese standards but it was fast.

    The Jack J2M5 version was especially good with the new reliable motor.
    Didn’t Sakai knock down a Dominator at the end of the war in a Jack with the vertical cannons? Last kill of the war I believe.

    1. I thought Sakai flew Zero until war’s end. He didn’t much like the Shiden Kai, thought it killed too many pilots in accidents and spins and wouldn’t touch it.

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