Hayate and Raiden

Two of the later Japanese fighter planes in WW2 that were better than the famed Zero: the ki-84 hayate of the army and the J2M Raiden of the navy. The N1K Shiden is not shown.

Hayate and Raiden

Nakajima Ki-84 Frank & Mitsubishi J2M Jack – Imperial Japanese Fighter Forces – June 1945


One thought on “Hayate and Raiden

  1. When B-29s began raiding Japan at high altitude, the Raiden regained Navy production priority over the slower climbing Shiden.
    It had better stability inspiring pilot confidence in aerobatics. Like the Shiden, the J2M3 had 4x20mm cannons but typically 2 were high velocity and 2 were low. So ballistics were not as harmonized. It still was unreliable until a new engine powered the J2M5. But only a few of these were produced. In fact all Raiden versions totalled about 5 or 600. So it wasn’t in strong enough numbers to be as successful as the more numerous Army fighters like the Hayate in putting a dent in the escorted B-29 raids.

    Raidens also intercepted some US Navy raids too. They had a kill/loss ratio twice as good as the Hayate vs the F6F and F4U fighters!

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