N1K1-J Shiden and Ki-84 Hayate

These are drawings of the Kawanishi Shiden and the Nakajima Hayate, the best Japanese fighters of the Second World War.

Nakajima Hayate:

Kawanishi Shiden:


2 thoughts on “N1K1-J Shiden and Ki-84 Hayate

  1. Great Army – Navy team. Same power, same period. One is faster, the other packs the long-range heat.
    But both fade at high altitudes. The early Shiden has great agility for it’s size but don’t let it stall spin. It has a nasty auto-rotation.
    The Hayate has combat flaps for better turn than it’s wing-loading would suggest, like the Shiden (but it can’t do a climbing-turn with the likes of a Ki 100!)
    Both the Ki 84 and N1K1-J are dicey when it comes to faulty engine and landing gear performance for example, so pilot confidence is an issue.
    Still, they demanded the respect of the Allied fighter pilots.

  2. I like your comment. It would be something if they had the reliable high altitude 2,250 hp MK9C when it was available in 1944. It was planned for the Ki 84 to phase out the unreliable NK9. The priority was too low for it to be produced at more than one Mitsubishi engine factory. Of cource the USAAF made it a higher priority and bombed it.
    The Ki 83 twin flew with these engines in 1944. Iit went 438 mph and climbed like an F8F!
    Mitsubishi was spread thin producing 6 or 7,000 obsolete A6M5s when they could have been putting out as many of the best fighter engines at the right time, but this was lost on the IJN who set priorities.

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