Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Raspberry Pi is as basic as a functional computer CPU can get and still be usable by the average guy.

Arduino is a sort of PIC with accessible DIP, DIO, AIP and AOP and PWM. So the two together can be made into a programmable thingy like a robot, with the appropriate sensors and motors. There are still some kinks about getting the Arduino IDE/compiler running on a Raspberry Pi, but I would love to see what I can do with it.

The Arduino language, a subset of Processing, seems to be inspired by C++, or possibly Java.

I went for a rather long drive from JB town to Skudai yestrday, the longest single drive I, done so far.  Actually a bit tiring but fun. I’m thinking of driving to Desaru sometime after the graduation ceremony.

I dreamed that I was travelling in a plane with some friends and holding a gadget in my hands; some sort of binoculars  cum touchpad cum iMac. After we landed at some sort of institute I showed some sort of plant that propagated by miniplants on the edges of the leaves to a friend. There was a sort of mentor present in the plane and the institute, someone I admired but cannot name.


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