A Little Wish List

Some stuff I’d like to have:

1) Car
A second hand car such as a Kancil or Iswara or Corolla will do.

2) New phone
Probably a Nokia Lumia 610 or 710. All I need is a phone with GPS+maps, browser and email, and ebook reader, though a pdf reader will do too. Anything more complicated can go on a Galaxy tablet or PC.

3) Printer and scanner.

4) Joystick
I’ve been taking interest in flight sims lately. Probably Genius Metalstrike or Logitech 3D. I wanna fly a Zero or a 109!

4) Drawing tablet, something bigger and easier to use.

I’ve been drawing with a 2B mech pencil in a sketch pad. I am surprised to find that this is a good combo of equipment, with the softer lead gliding across the paper and depositing a good strong line or a sketchy line depending on pressure. Previously I’d been using a HB pencil on a sketchpad paper and the bite on coarse paper really put me off. Using 2B on A4 paper was happier but the lines were noticeably fainter and rubbed off more easily from the smooth surface.


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