Self-strengthening movements

Did a bit of Qigong and Tai Chi today, in a bid to improve my endurance somewhat. Woke up a bit late though, due to the return of chronic exhaustion. The exercises seem to help, but it’ll probably take a few days. I’ll need to wake up a bit earlier.

I’ve been reading about the Windows Surface tablet, which comes in two flavours: the Intel x86 powered Surface Pro and the ARM powered Surface RT.

Applications you’ve created for Windows on Desktop won’t work on Surface RT. A matter of different processors, ARM won’t run x86 instructions or something. You have to use the new WinRT API to create programs for it.

On the other hand, Surface Pro is essentially a x86 PC in tablet form (“IBM compatible” in the ancient parlance), and everything that works on a PC will work on a Surface Pro.

I wonder how many programmers will bother with WinRT, when they can port their Win32 and .Net skills straight to the Surface Pro? The Pro has a USB port. I think the Surface Pro will appeal more to people who seek to port all the (huge number!) of applications developed for Windows over to a tablet. And I think of the applications in Sourceforge.

I am speculating if some fool will try to install Linux on a Surface. Or if some manufacturer will produce a Linux Tablet?

I wonder if this is actually trying to leverage the tablets on the developing world, where wireless internet is not really on tap, and you probably end up using legacy peripherals. If that is the case, then Microsoft would do well to bring down the cost FAST!


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