Did a rather long Qigong and Tai chi session this morning. But I did it after breakfast which meant I got pretty hot. Started with eight brocades, followed by standing post, then tai chi. I atempted to cool down.again with Standing Post, but didn’ cool down by very much. All in all, about half an hour, so I guess I must have slowed down the eight brocades, or the Standing Post must be taking longer than I thought. I did two types of standing post, and only held the poses for about eight to ten breaths.

The “ragged” feeling of exhaustion is all but gone now.

Weather kind of hot, but not like it was two days ago. Somewhat survivable 34-36. Plus it rained a little. Two days ago it was 38, which is body temperature. Fans don’t do much good on their own at that temperature, blowing air that feels hot.


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