The PM’s oratory

We’ve had a few years of Najib as PM and listening to his speeches

He’s trying too hard in speeches. It comes out feeling forced and cartoonish. And looks like I’m not the only one who’s noticed.


That Prime Minister Najib Razak is oratorically-
challenged is patently obvious, and a severe
understatement. The pathetic part is that Najib is
determined to delude himself that he is otherwise. His
presidential speech at the recently-concluded UMNO
General Assembly was only the latest example.

He confuses ponderousness with deliberateness,
equates yelling as emphasizing, and thinks that
furrowing his forehead as being in profound thought.
In the hands of a gifted actor, those could be great
comedic acts. Alas, Najib is also far from being that.

I learned early in high school at Kuala Pilah that if I
did not know what to do with my hands when
delivering a speech, to keep them in my pockets or
behind my back. Do not gesticulate wildly as that
would only distract the audience. Worse, I risked
looking like a monkey on speed. Najib apparently did
not learn that at his expensive British school.


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