Hal yawn

I’m finding myself feeling a bit edgy. I guess I really need privacy to actually do stuff. Mind you, once I actually get into it eg coding or drawing or writing, I can ignore whatever is happening around me. But I get antsy around people when I’m about to start something. Starting is hard when there are too many people around.

I guess that’s why I go to bed late. I wait until everyone has turned in before starting something. But this isn’t ideal either because I sometimes hit my own limit not long after I start.

Uaahh… I’m thinking of getting a new fountain pen as a congratulatory present for finishing my PhD. A Lamy Safari would be nice. But in my current situation I may have to settle for replacing the ink piston converter of my old Parker Vector, which is sticking a bit and doesn’t suck ink so well and even introduces bubbles in the ink reservoir.

If wishes were dishes we’d eat kabsah.


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