Another round of Spark Chess

Resigned a previous game, where I tried to open with a King’s Indian Attack. It’s too complicated for a n00b like me, I can’t take advantage of the opening yet, and takes too long to set up.

Ruy Lopez opening allows me to castle early, very important at my rather low level skill.

Faring better against “Claire” at Spark Chess, winning with fewer take backs (hehehe), starting with a sort of Ruy Lopez.


1. Nf3 Nf6
2. e3 e6
3. Bb5 Bd6
4. O-O O-O
5. Nc3 c6
6. Ba4 Qa5
7. b3 b5
8.Bb2 bxa4
9. Nxa4 Ba6
10. d3 Nd5
11. c4 Nb4
12. Bc3 Rd8
13. Nd4 Be5
14. Qg4 Bxc4
15. dxc4 d6
16. f4 Bxd4
17. exd4 N8a6
18. f5 exf5
19. Rxf5 d5
20. Raf1 g6
21. Rxf7 dxc4
22. d5 cxb3
23. axb3 Qxd5
24. Qf4 Qxb3
25. Qe5 Qxc3
26. Nxc3 Rd2
27. Qg7# 1-0

You can actually play Spark Chess offline. Save the webpage. Look inside the SparkChess_files folder and there’s the flash program. You still need to open it in a browser though, it needs the Javascript files that come with it. No problem. Bookmark it and play.


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