Disk Clutter

I haven’t defragged my laptop in YEARS. Bad! No wonder it was startting to crawl.

So I tried to defrag it: the defragger tried, then gave up: said some files could not be defragged, and gave me a loooooooong list of very large files.

What were they?

A great bunch of TMP files, and a lot of invisible WBK files right on my desktop. TMP files are temporary files used by various programs. They were EVERYWHERE. While WBK are Microsoft Office documents automatic backup files, including documents I’d deleted and no longer work on: they were sitting on my Desktop, all but invisible.

Man I wish programs would clean up after themselves! I used Disk Cleanup, then searched for all the TMP and WBK files and deleted them (I checked online that it was in fact safe to delete all of them). Then Disk Cleanup again.

There was a very large database file a friend copied to my drive a few years back and forgot, too big for the Defragmenter to work with. I zipped that up with 7zip: 500Mb -> 49Mb.

The Defragger finally worked right. Well, almost. Google Desktop’s application data was too big for it. I wonder if there’s a defrag program for very large files? I can’t do without Google Desktop even though Google itself has stopped mantaining it. It’s very useful keyword search for the hundred-odd journal papers that I have stored up and didn’t organize. So I can’t delete Google Desktop data.


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