King of the who?

I wonder at what point do we start compromising on virtues and start agreeing with people in power, right or wrong? I kind of ran into some of my old schoolmates, and they have fallen into groupthink, agreeing with strongmen even when they say obnoxious and contradictory things, just because they are on top.

I still remember that same schoolmate’s outrage 20 years ago at a particularly heinous abuse of power. Now…? Abuses of power are justifiable? We should be proud that someone raked in billions by dubious means simply because he is one of our own? Personally I feel embarrassed of that person.

I admit having been living a somewhat cloistered existence pursuing academia. Still, I assumed that people’s belief in virtue would not be so easily swayed. Virtue that exists on a higher plane than the group.

The conclusions of the several controversial experiments in psychology are instructive:

I am of the belief that people in power should be shackled by laws, procedures, their wings cut off, with the eye of the public always on them, and the position made so onerous that very few would even aspire to it. Throw all their privileges out of the window!


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