Video vs Series of Pictures

I don’t like it when people post a video when a few pictures would do the same job. I’m looking for a Qigong move called Green Dragon Separating Water, and most search results were videos.

Now, maybe elaborate sequences like Yang Style Taiji deserve video, but most qigong, whose moves are simpler, can be explicated by a series of pictures or drawings.

Maybe I’m just biased. I grew up before there was such a thing as Internet video, and made do with books with static images. (Our TV channels were pretty limited in their content… hard to believe we once had four channels only, two of them from over the border, while most of the country made do with two, and transmission only started at 5pm on weekdays, starting with He-Man cartoon.)

Maybe I’m persnickety because our bandwidth is still a bit low and prone to outages.

Maybe I’m a minimalist. Why use 5 Megabytes (video) when 100 kilobytes (a few medium size JPEG and explanatory text) would do the job?

I’m not opposed to Web video tech, I’m just irritated at blind usage.


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