Paradise Lost

Some people simply have become unable to think of anything except in terms of who gains power, their boss honcho keeps or loses it, what they gain. Simply unable to think in terms of a grand vision, a way out of petty politics.

I know this guy from school, I remember how outraged he was back then at the Tamby Chik Affair, so much that he professed support for S46.

Now he is one of those. The boss is right even when he is wrong. He can only think in power play. What is it that happens in the space of 20 years that makes some people forget that virtue is eternal. Why people lose sight of soul and vision and cannot call a pot black when it is. To think evil is wisdom and cleverness.

Maybe I should be glad my prolonged isolation has preserved me from this horrible kind of herdthink. I would not be able to reconcile that much dissonance between inner truth and the kind of lowest denominator virtue of the herd.

It is when you ignore inner truth or the dissonance that evil can arise. You do things and think it’s all right because everyone around you says so.


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