I just bought a Lamy Safari fountain pen. I thought it was high time I bought myself a present for finishing my PhD; plus I had been using a Parker Vector for ten years and old pen’s barrel had developed a crack.

The Safari cost about three times as much, and doesn’t look like anything premium. My Vector looked far better when new. But put the Safari in your hand, and you notice where the extra cost went– this unassuming-looking pen has superb ergonomics, and a good nib. I started wondering why I put up with the Vector for so long.

The Safari I bought has a “medium” nib, but writes finer than my “fine” nib Vector. It’s also more consistent– In contrast, when freshly filled, my Vector writes like a paintbrush and lays too much ink. I have to lay it aside for a couple of days to let it settle down.

I like the Safari’s understated high quality. I really get it


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