If I ever took up a lightsaber style it would be Soresu. In a galaxy full of blaster users, you have to be able to counter blasters.

All the articles I’ve read about Soresu emphasize the “tight blade work”, minimum dodging movements, conservation of one’s strength before finding an opening in the enemy’s defences; the last being more applicable against a lightsaber-wielding opponent.

There’s virtually no mention of tactics: for example using terrain to obstruct line of sight or line of fire. No mention of complementary Jedi powers, eg using Jedi tricks to distract shooters. Jedi stealth, if there is such a skill– makes it harder to hit you.

Ways to get spread-out shooters to clump together so you can then charge in and finish the lot. Ways to disperse shooters in such a way that they can’t shoot you because of crossfire.

As for lightsaber vs lightsaber fights, the tight fighting style might be more suitable for more confined spaces, similar to Wing Chun perhaps. Lightsabers in an elevator (messy!).

Awareness of terrain (honed for blaster dodging) allows you to make the best use of the terrain, giving you defensive advantages.
– Obi-Wan’s taking high ground and declaring victory in his duel with Anakin seems a bit cocky but is probably a good example. Is a Soresu user on high ground really invincible in a 1-on-1 saber duel?

Blocking blaster shots is awesome. You have to be awesome to block something that’s coming at you practically instantaneously. But I get a feeling there’s really a lot more to Soresu that’s being left out.


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