Form anxiety


I don’t like filling out forms. It’s not the tedium. I don’t like giving away information about myself. And that’s what filling a form is all about. Now I am supposed to fill eight to ten pages about the goods and the juicy bits. It is unpleasant. I get anxiety just looking at a form.



Edit: There are people like me.

I have now realized that I suffer from formophobia. That is the fear of forms, especially government forms, and most particularly income tax forms.

Amongst the many phobias on the a fear of forms is not listed – how strange, I can’t be the only person in the world with this phobia. I would have thought there would be millions of us poor sufferers out there. Eventually I tracked down a name and description on the urbandictionary site:

Formophobia/ Form Anxiety: n. Paralyzing fear, distress, and nervousness caused by the act of entering personal information into a pre-made template. Making simple tasks such as applying for jobs, school, etc. almost impossible for the affected.

Now that describes pretty exactly how I feel about government forms. My fear has ratcheted up several notches after having to fill in a 27 page Basic Environmental Scoping Application form four times for four different roads. This must have been developed by someone suffering from severe formophilia – i.e. joy, elation, and sometimes sexual arousal caused by the act of entering personal information into a pre-made template. People affected often find themselves drawn to filling out papers for others.

It’s probably tongue in cheek. Oh well, what’s the worst that can happen? They won’t turn me into Soylent.


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