Nationalism irritates me

Nationalism irritates me. There, I’ve said it.

The kind of nationalism being spouted by some people in Malaysia that is. Especially when they go into politics and stand for elections.

It’s a stereotype, but it in this case… I knew this guy from school. Back in the day, he was idealistic enough to be outraged about the Tamby Chik statutory rape case, to the point of wanting to join the opposition Semangat ’46.

This same guy now, stands for UMNO, contests in elections, and now doesn’t have a thought in his head that is his own. He parrots the higher ups, spouts slogans, and promotes racist balderdash. If the Tamby Chik case were to occur today, he would blame the opposition for sensationalizing the story.

I got so tired of his drivel that I took the unprecedented step of unfriending him on Facebook.

That’ll show him. 🙂

Where does teamwork end and cult mentality begin?

I like having my own ideas, thinking my own thoughts. I can share information and ideas and understand the concept of teamwork.

While I am usually somewhat meek, I cannot become a parrot. Ask my opinion and out it comes. (If you don’t ask, I’ll just continue my merry way, mildly amused at all the uniformist hoo-haa around me).

In a sense, there are two things that irritate me about this former schoolmate of mine. One is the sort of Nationalism he has embraced. The other is that he has become a sort of Muppet. He was once part of a “brilliant kids” program who embraced creativity and offbeat thinking. Now he scare-mongers, quotes slogans, and “The Boss is always right”.

Where does it go wrong? Too much brown-nosing? Well, there is a lot of that in the UMNO party hierarchy.

There is another friend of mine who was staunch UMNOist in Uni, but now seems largely to talk about organ donation and seems to be moving further away from political circles. I think he found himself unable to conform and sacrifice independent thinking to the extent needed to rise far in the party ranks. But I get the impression that he is wearing a mask.

For my part, due to circumstances, I never got involved in those hierarchical things. People know I march to a different drum even when I tone it down. I don’t rise very high, but I think I am content.


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