Found one of those fancy measure-it-all weighing machines in The Mines and gave it a try.

Weight: 76.4 kg

Height: 172.0 cm

BMI: 25.8

Ideal BMI : 19-25

Ideal Weight: 56-73 kg.

One little oddity. I was measured 175 cm during high school. Is it possible to shrink 2 cm? Maybe the ultrasonic height measurement is not calibrated? Cuz with the old height my BMI falls to 24.95.

Body fat index: 33.8%

Mass body fat: 25.8 kg

Ideal Body fat index: 18-27%

Ideal Body fat mass: 13.8-20.6 kg

Daily Energy Requirement: 1658 Kcal

Blood Pressure: 99/74 mmHg

I’m still puzzled how the machine measured my body fat while I just stood gripping two handles. Conductivity? Electrical resistance? Capacitance?


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