Possible long trip

Depending on whether I get a positive feedback or not,  I may be going to Tanjung Malim to meet up my old supervisor and maybe a job interview.  I’ll probably rent a car for this trip,  since it’s really too far for my cub bike and public transport is a bit uncertain.

It’ll be my longest solo drive to date,  though not my longest solo journey: that one goes to my bike trip few years back. Not a feat I’ll be repeating at my age. I need to have strength left over for the interview, should it come to that.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Oh yeah finally got myself a little data plan so I can use Google maps, just for this putative possible trip. And some light browsing if I’m thrifty and stick to mobile browsers like Opera Mini to access Facebook and the like. I’m the type of user who turns the 3g on and off at need rather than being online continuously which seems to be a very tedious sort of existence. I don’t deny the utility of having mobile Internet but I also like being offline most of the time.


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