Drawing makes me happy

Drawing makes me happy. So why do I do so little of it now?

It’s because I have too many toys. First my own laptop with Internet connection. Although it did allow me to upload the drawings I had previously done, I found myself drawing less and less.

Then my first smartphone. I found myself spending a lot of time noodling on it.

I spent more and more time consuming other people’s content and less and less time doing my own bit of creating and expressing.

This applies even to writing, most of my good writing occurs offline. Sometimes with pen and paper.

Sometimes it is a truism that the more toys you have the less you actually do. And this mindless consumption I was stuck in was making me unhappy.

I just spent an hour drawing something simple, a boy tying his shoelaces, without using references. It was a bit uncertain at first, since it’s been almost forever. But as the figure took shape, I found myself feeling the joy of accomplishment.

I should just find the time to draw, and things to draw.


Okay, maybe I need to SCAN it instead of using my lousy phone cam

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