Haven’t blogged for a while.

Some of the things just aren’t bloggable, I guess.


Well, this thing they have about going up to Penang the evening, do presentation in the morning, and drive back to KL right after, is a bit hard on the old body.

Have some preparation to do. But I also have to scout out new openings because this gig won’t last forever.

I was thinking of that drive up to Tanjong Malim, but not right after this trip. I’m kinda zonked out.

Had some interesting things to say with my sister, but that is stuff that is not bloggable.

Oh yeah, finally got myself a data plan for my smartphone, with the idea of using that for Google Maps, with a bit of browsing. 500 Mb data per month. With Opera Mini, I barely use half of that with heavy browsing (and with normal browsers I’d need 2Gb, four times more!) I use Opera Mini for almost everything, checking email, Facebook, Google, etc. I use the WordPress app for blogging at times when I’m nutty enough to blog from my mini smartphone (I wrote some pretty long stuff on it!)

My gripe is the new generation of websites that use Javascript to fetch content actively like Pinterest and the new Flickr. At least Pinterest will let me browse on Opera Mini (but not pin). The new Flickr doesn’t work at all, unless you type the mobile form of the URL into the address bar, and even then it’s a bit iffy.

Hopefully Gmail will continue to write and use code that does not break on Opera Mini. Yahoo Mail already doesn’t quite work right on it, thanks to the hamfisted improvements they’ve been making on the portal.

I still believe one shouldn’t Javascript more than one has to, and server side coding works well enough in many cases. Maybe I’m just kinda old fashioned.


Bla bla bla

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