Yxsb Laaaa xuoi

I think I overcaffeinated myself today, just drinking tea.

Ugh. I’m oversensitive to caffeine nowadays, have to be really careful. I’ve already decided to stop drinking coffee except on very rare occasions.

I also have to watch my tea intake. Although, I’ve only had three cups today. That really is a low threshold. =P

The manga Kabu no Isaki came to an end, although I can’t say I’m too happy with the way it ended. All those fantastic adventures in the plane, going around a Japan that is somehow 10x bigger, was a fantasy? A metaphor for Isaki growing out of a small town life and wanting to explore the world after getting a scooter? The motor scooter is like a small plane? What? Nanda kore???

The Big Bad Wolf Book Fair is on now, for the week. I think I’ll give it a miss because I hate crowds!! Besides I have 60 e-books on my smartphone and I haven’t gotten through them all yet.

I’m currently reading The Three Musketeers. I’ve read various abridged versions for children, and vaguely remember some old film starring Errol Flynn. But I’m reading the full (translated) version for the first time, and I can’t go three pages without someone exclaiming MORBLEU, PARBLEU, SACREBLEU. Very excitable fellows, these musketeers.

I was in the middle of Greg Bear’s Anvil of Stars but had to break it off, it was heavy going. I was having trouble empathizing with the characters, teenagers and young adults in a starship with an ad-hoc society, on a mission of avenging the destruction of Earth, guided by inscrutable advanced aliens with magic-level technology. It was the ad-hoc social interaction I was having trouble with. A society of teenagers with no mature adults. Maybe if I had read the book when I was seventeen, I might have fared better.

The project I’m working on seems to be coming to an end, so I’m going to have to cast my nets and try to snare another job or something.

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