En avant!

I am one-third of the way through The Three Musketeers, this being the first time I have read the unabridged translation. It is a longer work than I expected. It seems that the abridgements for children I have previously read, where the Musketeers ride to Calais and sail to London to retrieve the Queen’s diamonds, only cover the adventures of the first third of the book. There is still two-thirds of the book remaining!

And I have found out that there is a Trilogy. The third book, three times as long as the first, contains The Man in the Iron Mask, and that is only one third of it! But first I must wade through the first book.

When a book takes my fancy, my “internal language” changes. When reading Tolkien, I start monologing to myself about landscape and architecture, and I tend to use archaic modes of English when thinking to myself. Now, with the Musketeers I find myself mentally twirling my (nonexistent) moustache, and generally Frenching my thinking with exclamations.

En avant!


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