Google FORCED Android updates

Google recently *forced* updates on my little Android phone. I am not happy. My phone is a low-end, low-memory thing running on Gingerbread, Android 2.3. I deliberately installed the most basic Youtube app because it cannot handle the advanced version, and kept older versions of apps because they ran well on my dinky phone with halfbit OS.

I disabled updates to prevent apps from going to memory-hungry versions.

Somehow, Google through its Google Play forced Youtube and a bunch of other apps as well to update. Suddenly my phone starts whining about low internal storage. Apps start running amok eating up memory.

I try to reinstall the old basic Youtube and find Google’s taken it out of the Google Play Store. I had to uninstall Pinterest app because she canna’ take it Cap’n. Not after the updates. Heck I had to uninstall YouTube.

I didn’t know Google can do that. Update things without consent! It’s *my* phone dammit.


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