Fugue of some sort

Just something I’ve never told anyone before.  Sometime around high school I seemed to lose the ability to visualize fiction in books. I went through the motions,  knew what was happening and plot. But it was all superficial.  But I couldn’t get into their heads or visualize their locations.

Then a couple years ago I found The Little Prince. Suddenly I regained the ability to visualize! You can’t imagine what a pleasure it is. It was how the book began that did it,  although I didn’t much like the ending. I suddenly enjoyed Lord of the Rings much more, although I still had some trouble getting into the characters’ heads. But the lavish landscape! 

And Red Mars, became a pleasure rather than tedious. Before this I was mostly interested by what Robinson had to say about the capitalist world order and the possible alternative societies. Now I can feel the winds, and really appreciate the setting,  although I still have trouble getting into Maya ‘s head.

So I’m grateful to the Little Prince. The Hat is a nice surprise.

I wonder if this disorder has a name.


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