Looks like I’ll be getting a lecturing
job at UPSI in Tanjong Malim
starting in February. Been trying to
brush up thermodynamics and get
quantum mech in. I’d be a bit
more grateful except it’s riuh
sekampung in JB. I get regular
phone calls trying to micromamage
all moves, what clothes to wear
etc. And they’re throwing a kenduri
in a Hall! just two days before I’m
supposed to report in on the 3rd. I
had planned a leisurely trip going
up from KL the day before turning
up, resting in a hotel. Now I’m
going to have to up all the way
from JB. Agh. Talk about bad
timing! Sometimes I think it would
have been better not to say
anything and settle things on my
own, and only tell them after I’d
finished moving. Yeah I’m feeling
quite grumpy. *frown*


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