An update

Haven’t updated my blog in a while. Having a full time job is, after all, a full time job.

There are a lot of peculiar things at my new job, things that would inspire Dilbert to new heights. Just month into the semester and we’re already ordered to do final exam questions. And do the ISO documentation at the same time.

Welcome to the flying island of Laputa, where things are done in a strange way.

Speaking of which, I’ve never actually read Gulliver ‘s Travels on its original form, only as children’s abridgments and comics and cartoons. I’ll have to get round to it some time.

I’m thinking of writing a book. A physics text tailored to the courses I’m teaching. Actually it would have to be two books. It’s been a lifelong dream to write a book, and while I was hoping for something profound, I guess a physics text would be a good place to begin.


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