I feel I’m in dire need of a real holiday, but it’s been so long I’m not even sure what I’m looking for in a holiday.

What do I like?

I like reading, drawing, writing poetry. I practice tai chi. I wonder if an art retreat is a holiday? Or any suitable place to indulge like a quiet beach chalet.

I enjoy science fiction and fantasy literature. Maybe a science fiction themed getaway? Visiting the LotR set in New Zealand. Or maybe not. Maybe I’d rather meet a few sf authors.

Maybe some time in nature? As long as it doesn’t get too hot and dirty and tired. I like observing animals. Birds and how they fly.

Or maybe a retreat to some dark faraway spot to re engage in my stargazing skills. Its probably very rusty now after ten years in a light polluted city. Tote a small telescope.

Or maybe I just like the idea of a journey rather than actually arriving. I discovered a few scenic places during my last excursion en route to Sabak Bernam, although Sabak Bernam itself was disappointing. A hill drive that’s easy on the eyes, and a FELDA settlement. I might drive there again when I feel I need to get away.

I like historical stuff. When I was in Kuching some years ago I went to an antiques store filled with real antiques, and I felt the flow of time and history, instead of every day more of the same endless uniform modern NOW. A place with worthwhile museums would be OK. Unfortunately my country does a poor job preserving antiquities. We’re losing soul.



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