Aspies aren’t dangerous!

There’s been a few shootings by people purported to be Aspies. Well, honestly, just two incidents in all. That incident last year shooting up a school, and recently this incident.

I suspect there’s something not being told about these shootings.

First, a little information.

Asperger’s Syndrome is a high-functioning form of autism. Basically, “almost normal” with some hard-wired difficulties in the niceties of social interaction.

Aspies aren’t dangerous. Aspies are much more likely to have noses in books, or have a favourite obsession like butterflies or stamps or zeppelins. Some may have a tantrum on occasion (dealing with people can be frustrating), but we (yes, I am one) don’t go amok shooting people. Asperger’s Syndrome, at least until recently, has had a relatively benign image compared to other syndromes, which makes me wonder if it is being used as a cloak by some to mask deeper and more serious maladies, that have a much less benign reputation.

Some of the indications overlap, after all. For example,an Aspie may withdraw from society somewhat because he’s found something deeply and engrossingly interesting, like Japanese fighter aircraft, or a new type of train coming into service, or the Vigenere Cipher. Or maybe he’s just tired of dealing with people for a while.

A psychotic or schizophrenic might also be withdrawn, but be feeding on unwholesome obsessions or delusions or plan on acting out on those delusions.

Now someone may be schizophrenic or psychotic, but due to the immense stigma associated with those conditions, might have his condition cloaked by well-meaning friends or relatives under a more benign label. Especially if said person belongs to the upper crust of society.

Asperger’s, until recently, was associated with geekiness, peculiar but harmless hobbies, programming genius, strange niche talents, harmless eccentricities, alongside with difficulties in social interaction. One may be an Aspie without being treated like a mad dog.

At least until now. Now I fear that harmless Aspies will be scrutinized.


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