I’m feeling quite gloomy. It’s mainly because I’m feeling that’ I’ve lost control of my life to arbitrary forces of the bureaucracy. It’s supposed to be the semester holidays, but no holiday. They run Diploma courses in the semester break, and for some reason the university I teach in accepts a HUGE influx of diploma students and does not hire Tutors or Teaching Assistants.

Officially I’m done, having taught 12 credit hours during the semester as someone with my qualifications is required (lecturers with no PhD are required to teach 18 hours), but that didn’t stop the boche from assigning more hours. Actually, according to some sources, a PhD level lecturer ought to teach only nine hours per week, but someone seriously screwed up the system.

I’m jealous of other universities where apparently some lecturers only teach two hours a week. Two!

In my opinion, this is what happens when the Education Ministry and certain universities become political pawns. Things become arbitrary, because people pursue agendas that make them look good politically without counting cost. Run Diploma programs with thousands of students, but block new hiring to save money, then tout the double success of churning out students with low cost.



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