Manga: Iris Zero

Recently I discovered a manga called Iris Zero. It’s basically a school manga where the students have a special ability called “iris” which lets them see various things about people such as whether they’re lying or not,  if serious life threatening danger is going to befall someone, or how they feel.

Toru, actual protagonist of the manga has no powers and is an outcast, but while he has no “iris” powers, he does have awesome powers of observation and deduction. He resolves problems at school, solves cases and helps his friends.

It doesn’t stop people from picking on him or being bullied, however. One story arc even had him made a scapegoat. I guess that’s what pulls you into the story. Sometimes it’s even a little painful to read, with him passively taking blame and abuse and trying his best not to attract attention

Toru being bullied



Toru ostracized and scapegoated

Toru ostracized and scapegoated


Definitely worth following.


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