Alone and lonely.
Well,  it’s been a while since I blogged. I don’t know, there are positive and negative things about my new job.

Maybe all I need to keep a paper diary like I used to do. To help me organize my thinking.

Lost my Lamy fountain pen some weeks ago.  Tried looking for a replacement, but suddenly it seems Lamy pens are in short supply or something. I wasn’t surprised that Tanjung Malim doesn’t have any, but for Kinokuniya in KL to be out of stock was surprising.

Currently making do with a pretty Alain de Lious which looks nice but is a bit too wet for any paper under 80 gsm.

What else.  Well,  just the usual bitching about my job. It’s not the job itself but the additional burdens laid on us.  Since we’re a Educational University (being formerly a premier teaching college) we’re required to use all the fancy theories of education. This is all very well if your discipline is pedagogy to begin with,  but to impose them on people specializing in the hard sciences without consulting is a bit much. There is a bit of effort to reach out to us,  but more should be done in my opinion.

What are these theories,  how do they work,  how  do we do them,  why is it beneficial, how will it improve the course, and above all,  how are we supposed to implement this sort of individual student care when teaching hundreds of students.


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