Abuse and Depression

From what I’ve read and documentaries I’ve seen (and some personal reflection), people who were abused in early life reaaaalllly get the short straw.

First there were the bad experiences to begin with. Childhood seems to last forever when you’re still in it. Three years can feel like thirty. And there’s nowhere to go. So it would feel like forty years of suffering with no options or escape.

The experiences children of when their brains were still developing alters the connection of neurons and synapses, changes the chemical balances, inhibits growth of some parts and promotes growth of other parts… well, it makes them more prone to depression and flashbacks later in life, from teenage all the way to and throughout adulthood.

And then there is maladjustment to society at adulthood. You just don’t function very well when depressed, or function at well below what someone of equal intelligence functions. At the very least you tend to guff up job interviews when you’re depressed. And most folks are not that sympathetic to depression; employers regard it as a liability. Lying about it may be the only way to get a job.

And now it seems that those early experiences changes how their genes express themselves and make them more prone to inflammatory illnesses which include heart problems and even shortened life. Basically it’s like getting genetic damage.

It’s like, some people just can’t get a break! You get bad cards or pieces at the beginning and fight your whole life!





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