It’s a rich man’s world

I think I made a huge mistake, which I didn’t discover until last week.

I’m so tired of messing up. Why can’t I get things right?

I’m so tired of being scared and walking on eggshells.

I did a bit of research about doing private home tutoring, just in case things here fall apart. The income is practically halved, but I could make a comfortable enough living… if I hadn’t agreed to do property investment, which, combined with my car’s hire-purchase will eat up a lot of it. Although, if it does come through, it would double what I would have saved and I could basically live on the dividends like Bilbo Baggins.

In the meantime I’d have to start cooking cheap dinners again (rice, lentils and assorted stuff) and even then I’ll be skimming the edges of space. Maybe I should have asked for a ten year loan on my car rather than six.

I could take up freelance coding again, although it has only been one project that I’ve completed. Wonder what that pays these days?



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