Spark Chess

I haven’t played the “Claire” level of Spark Chess in a while. It’s like all my chess skills leaked out of my ears. Embarrassing number of take backs.

Lesson learned: don’t blow open your fence of pawns needlessly.

Also, Knights and Bishops are pretty useful enough when you can slip them past your enemy’s pawn fence.

Attempted to open with Ruy Lopez, but wasn’t really able to. Tried to blow open the centre fence of pawns with unhappy results (hence the take backs).

Won by slipping Knights and Bishop into Black’s castled corner. Was actually surprised to achieve checkmate! I was just aiming for a simple Fork Attack against Rook and Bishop!

1. e2-e4   c7-c5
2. Bf1-b5  e7-e5
3. d2-d3   a7-a6
4. Bb5-c4  Nb8-c6
5. Bc4-d5  Ng8-f6
6. Ng1-f3  Qd8-b6
7. O-O     Bf8-d6
8. Nb1-c3  O-O
9. Ra1-b1  g7-g6
10. Bc1-g5  Nf6xd5
11. Nc3xd5  Qb6-b5
12. c2-c3   Nc6-b8
13. Bg5-h6  Rf8-d8
14. Nf3-g5  f7-f5

My Lab Assistant chess-playing friend would like me to play in a contest. Thing is, I’ve found out that degrees and PhD’s don’t guarantee anything in chess. Even Lab Assistants can be scarily strong! LOL! And who knows, maybe a clerk might beat all the rest!


One thought on “Spark Chess

  1. Hey, I also started playing sparkchess. You have a neat set of essays and a hilarious strip about chess. Good on you.
    How hard or easy do you rate Claire? I have no clue how good or average is it to beat Claire ? Thanks for your interest.

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