It’s been a while since I posted anything.

My father who had advanced prostate cancer for some time took a turn for the worse starting this year and was hospitalized since April. Around September he declined rapidly and passed on about 21st. He was about eighty.

I think his passing inflicted a shock on my system that I didn’t realize or wouldn’t admit. My feelings didn’t manifest in the expected way. Instead of sadness I became forgetful and easily tired. I’d think of doing something and three seconds later forget what it was.

A few weeks ago I was flooded by a wave of sadness and frustration which I attributed to work problems. But with hindsight I realize it was probably a delayed grief over my father’s passing.

I know my mind is somewhat atypical, but this tendency to round and round and roundabout is strange new territory for me,  when my mind ought to be as familiar to me as an old shoe.

I seem to be recovering a bit of equilibrium. Just hope my mental detour didn’t do too much damage to my career.


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