Diwan Shams-i-Tabriz

This is part of a much longer talk, a commentary of the Diwan Shamsi-Tabriz. I wrote down Abdul-Hakim Murad’s translation.

“O lovers! O Lovers! Now is the time to leave the world behind
My ear (of my soul) is reached by the drum of departure

The caravan-leader has stood and straightened the animals
and asked permission/forgiveness from us (for waking us).

Caravan travelers, why are you still asleep? These sounds, ahead and behind are the sounds and bells of departure
In every moment, a soul/breath, is traveling to “LA MAKAN” (place that is not a place, beyond death)

O soul, seek the One who ravishes the soul.
O friend, go to the Friend!

O watchman, wake up, be watchful!
It’s not right for a watchman to fall asleep.”

His translation goes on beyond what he sang:

“When sleep is gone, you won’t see anyone left of humanity
Close your crooked wall-eye and open the eye of wisdom
Because the nafs is like a donkey, and its desire is its nose-bag
Though the lover has sniffed musk in remembrance of me.

Only a beginner on the path wanders around like a child, saying “Where? where?”
Once he has left childhood he will open the eye of wisdom,
Why should he run to and fro on the riverbank looking for water?”


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