y(t)*\psi(t) = \int \limits_{-\infty}^{\infty} x(t) \psi(t-\tau) d\tau = X(\omega)\Psi(\omega)

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$latex i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t)\right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>$

i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t)\right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>

Okay. So to do equations on WordPress, I have to use LaTex…

$latex m\frac{d^2 y}{dt^2} = -b\frac{dy}{dt} -kx $

will become
m\frac{d^2 y}{dt^2}  = -b\frac{dy}{dt} -kx


Oy vey. I have a new markup language to learn. And by keyboard’s debouncer is wacked. I keep double typing letters like ddouble or bouncce.

Okay… here goes…

$latex s’=H’_1 T_1 H_1 s + \sum\limits_{n=2}^N [ (\prod\limits_{m=1}^{n-1} L’_m) H’_n T_n H_n \prod\limits_{m=n-1}^1 L_m] s + (\prod\limits_{n=1}^N L’_n) (\prod\limits_{m=N}^1 L_m) s   $


\large s'=H'_1 T_1 H_1 s + \sum\limits_{n=2}^N [ (\prod\limits_{m=1}^{n-1} L'_m) H'_n T_n H_n \prod\limits_{m=n-1}^1 L_m] s + (\prod\limits_{n=1}^N L'_n) (\prod\limits_{m=N}^1 L_m) s  

\sum\limits_{i=1}^n i^2

Okay that works.
$latex \begin{bmatrix}
1& 2\\
3& 4

\begin{bmatrix} 1& 2\\ 3& 4 \end{bmatrix}

\begin{matrix} \alpha& \beta^{*}\\ \gamma^{*}& \delta \end{matrix}

\psi (t)*x(t)= \int\limits_{-\infty}^{\infty} \psi(t- \tau)x(t) d\tau

$latex \tau \tau \sigma \Sigma \gamma \Gamma $

\tau \tau \sigma \Sigma \gamma \Gamma

Turkish Ballad

O DEDI YOK YOK (But she said no, never)

(Translation by YouTube user Türk Arkı)

Seher vakti gördüm gözümün sultanını; / I saw the sultan of my eye when it’s dawn
Dedim: Sultan mısın? O dedi: Yok, yok. / I said: Are you my sultan? She said: No no.
Gözleri ateş yeri, kolları kınalı; / Her eyes are land of fire, her arms are hennaed
Dedim: Çolpan mısın? O dedi: Yok, yok. / I said: Are you Venus? She said: No no.

Dedim: İsmin nedir? Dedi: Ayhan’dır. / I said: What’s your name? She said: It’s Ayhan (Moon Khan)
Dedim: Yurdun nere? Dedi: Turfan’dır. / I said: Where is your homeland? She said: It’s Turfan.
Dedim: Başındaki? Dedi: Hicrandır. / I said: What’s on your head? She said: Separation.
Dedim: Hayran mısın? O dedi: Yok, yok. / I said: Are you lover? She said: No no.

Dedim: Aya benzer, dedi: Yüzüm mü? / I said: It’s seems like moon. She said: Is it my face?
Dedim: Yıldız gibi, dedi: Gözüm mü? / I said: It’s like star. She said: Is it my eye?
Dedim: Alev saçar, dedi: Sözüm mü? / I said: It flares. She said: Is It my words?
Dedim: Volkan mısın? O dedi: Yok, yok. / I said: Are you volcano? She said: No no.

Dedim: Çatık nedir? Dedi: Kaşımdır. / I said: What’s beetle? She said: It’s my brows.
Dedim: Siyah dalga nedir? Dedi: Saçımdır. / I said: What’s black wave? She said: It’s my hair.
Dedim: On beş nedir? Dedi: Yaşımdır. / I said: What’s fifteen. She said: It’s my age.
Dedim: Canan mısın? O dedi: Yok, yok. / I said: Are you sweetheart? She said: No no.

Dedim: Deniz nedir? Dedi: Kalbimdir. / I said: What’s sea? She said: It’s my heart.
Dedim: Rana nedir? Dedi: Dudağımdır. / I said: What’s beauty? She said: It’s my lip.
Dedim: Şeker nedir? Dedi: Dilimdir. / I said: What’s sugar? It’s my tongue.
Dedim: Ver ağzıma. O dedi: Yok, yok. / I said: Give it to my mouth. She said: No no.

Dedim: Zincir vardır, dedi: Boynumda. / I said: There’s a chain. She said: On my neck. Dedim: Ölüm vardır, dedi: Yolumda. / I said: There is death. She said: For me.
Dedim: Bilezik? Dedi: Kolumda. / I said: Bracelet? She said: On my wrists.
Dedim: Korkar mısın? O dedi: Yok, yok. / I said: Are you scared? She said: No no.

Dedim: Neden korkmazsın? Dedi: Tanrı’m vardır. / I said: Why don’t you scared? She said: I have God.
Dedim: Daha başka? Dedi: Halkım vardır. / I said: Else? She said: I have my people.
Dedim: Daha yok mu? Dedi: Ruhum vardır. / I said: Is there else? She said: I have my soul.
Dedim: Şükran duyar mısın? O dedi: Yok, yok. / I said: Are you thankful/contented? She said: No no.

Dedim: İstek nedir? Dedi: Gülümdür. / I said: What’s wish? She said: It’s my rose.
Dedim: Savaş var? Dedi: Yolumdur. / I said: There’s war. She said: For me.
Dedim: Ötkür nedir? Dedi: Kulumdur. / I said: Who’s Ötkür? She said: He’s my slave. Dedim: Satar mısın? O dedi: Yok, yok. / I said: Do you sell him? She said: No no.

Lyrics by: Abdurehim Ötkür Beste ve Seslendiren / Music by and Sing by: Abdürehim Heyit

The song was written in 1948, so it is relatively modern. But the mode of singing seems to be ancient.


For Sommerlund!

Think Sommerlund and its people the Sommlending, you think Kai Lord, right? Warrior priests of Kai, master of the Kai disciplines, the chosen race of the forces of Good in the world of Magnamund. (I do wonder if there have ever been any non-Sommlending Kai Lords?)

Well, most Sommlending are more like these two.

 And even this buffoon falling off the coach trying to pull out his sword is a Sommlending:

Well, it takes all kinds of people to make the valorous Kingdom of Sommerlund. Somebody has to bake the bread and cut firewood.


(ITMP II 2016)

25 – 27 MAY 2016

Organised by

Centre of Mathematical Modelling and Optimization, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, University of Malaya


Theoretical & Computational Physics Subgroup
Institut Fizik Malaysia

This course will focus on quantum mechanics. It will help to enhance and supplement most undergraduate programs of physics and mathematics.

It is aimed at postgraduate students as well as interested undergraduate students and others.

Arijit Ghoshal (Kazi Nazrul University, India
Quantum Mechanics

Kwa Kiam Heong (University of Malaya)
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics

Bernardine R. Wong Cheng Kiat (University of Malaya)
Variational & Perturbation Methods in Quantum Mechanics

Other details can be obtained by registration:
A fee of RM60 to cover the cost refreshments (morning and afternoon breaks) and related materials. Payment can be made by cash before 25.5.2016. Please register by email to sal83@um.edu.my by 20.5.2016 with the following details:

(a) Name: (as to appear in certificate of attendance)
(b) Institution:
(c) Contact Details:

The details of workshop is available in the pamphlet attached in this email

Thank you

Best regards,

Profesor Dr. Kurunathan Ratnavelu
Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Faculty of Science
7967 4313 kuru@um.edu.my